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Crowd Favorites: The IPL Teams Ranking By Fan Following On Social Media

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular cricket tournaments in the world, and its immense popularity can be attributed to the millions of fans who follow the game. The fans are the backbone of the IPL, and their unwavering support for their favorite teams and players makes the tournament so exciting.

One of the ways in which fans show their support is by following their favorite teams and players on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The number of followers a team has on these platforms is a good indicator of its popularity among fans.

In recent years, social media has become essential for teams and players to connect with their fans and engage with them more personally. Many teams have dedicated social media accounts that post updates, match highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the team’s preparations and activities. Here we are going to look at all 10 teams and compare their fan following on social media platforms.

1. Chennai Super Kings (Total Followers – 35.8 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is a well-established franchise in the IPL and has gained a massive fan following over the years. With four IPL titles and two Champions League T20 titles, CSK has established itself as one of the most successful teams in the tournament’s history.

The presence of some iconic players, such as former Indian captain MS Dhoni, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, and veteran batsman Ben Stokes, contributes to the team’s popularity. These players have been critical to the team’s field success and helped the franchise build a loyal fan base.

  • Instagram: 12.9 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 13 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 9.9 Million Followers.

2. Mumbai Indians (Total Followers – 34.7 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians (MI) is one of the most successful franchises in the IPL. With five IPL titles, the team has established itself as a powerhouse in the tournament. MI’s success can be attributed to the team’s strong leadership, excellent coaching, and talented roster of players.

The team’s popularity on social media can also be credited to the presence of legendary cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar and current Indian captain Rohit Sharma. These players have a massive fan following, and their association with the team has only added to the fan base.

  • Instagram: 12.5 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 14 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 8.2 Million Followers.

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore (Total Followers – 27.6 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is a franchise that has been a part of the IPL since its inception in 2008. Despite having yet to win a trophy in the tournament, the team has a massive fan following in India and worldwide.

The presence of some of the biggest names in cricket, including Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, and Chris Gayle, has played a significant role in RCB’s popularity. Kohli is among India’s most-followed people, and his association with RCB has only added to the team’s fan base. De Villiers and Gayle are also highly popular players, known for their explosive batting and entertaining performances on the field.

  • Instagram: 10.8 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 10 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 6.8 Million Followers.

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4.  Kolkata Knight Riders (Total Followers – 26 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is one of the most popular franchises in the IPL, and it has consistently been among the top-performing teams in the tournament. The Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan owns the team and has actively promoted the franchise and engaged with fans.

The team’s on-field performances have also significantly influenced its popularity. KKR has won the IPL twice, in 2012 and 2014. The team has had some of the biggest names in cricket in its ranks, including Gautam Gambhir, Andre Russell, and Sunil Narine, who have all played a crucial role in KKR’s success.

  • Instagram: 3.8 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 17 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 5.2 Million Followers.

5. Punjab Kings (Total Followers – 14.5 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Punjab Kings

The Punjab Kings (PBKS) is a franchise cricket team representing Punjab’s state in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Although the team has yet to win an IPL trophy, they have a large fan base due to their star-studded roster and celebrity owner.

One of the reasons why the team has a good fan following is due to its owner, Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. She is a popular actress in India and has a strong international fan following. Her association with the team and frequent appearances during matches have also helped to increase the team’s popularity.

  • Instagram: 2.9 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 8.7 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 2.9 Million Followers.

6. Delhi Capitals (Total Followers – 14.3 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals (DC), previously known as Delhi Daredevils, have come a long way in the IPL since changing their name. With a solid team, including players like Rishabh Pant and coached by former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, they reached the finals of the 2020 IPL, showcasing their immense potential.

Despite their recent improvements and promising performances, they still occupy 6th on the social media platforms list of the most followed IPL teams. This can be attributed to their inconsistent performances in the past, where they failed to qualify for the playoffs on multiple occasions. However, with the current lineup and their growing fan base, the Delhi Capitals have the potential to climb up the ranks and become one of the most popular IPL teams in the near future.

  • Instagram: 3.5 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 8.3 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 2.5 Million Followers.

7. Sunrisers Hyderabad (Total Followers – 12.5 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Sunrisers Hyderabad

Despite winning the IPL in 2016 and reaching the finals in 2018, the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) has yet to gain as much attention on social media platforms as some of the other popular teams. The team has had some notable players, but their star power has yet to translate into a significant fan following on social media.

Additionally, the team’s lack of consistency and frequent changes in their playing XI may have contributed to their lower popularity among fans. However, with solid performances in the upcoming IPL seasons, SRH can boost its fan base and become a more popular team on social media platforms.

  • Instagram: 3.1 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 6.2 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 3.2 Million Followers.

8.  Rajasthan Royals (Total Followers – 11.1 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Rajasthan Royals

Despite having talented players like Jos Butler, Sanju Samson, and Yuzvendra Chahal, Rajasthan Royals (RR) are at the bottom of the list of most fan-following teams in the IPL. This may be due to their inconsistent performances in the past seasons and their need for a strong social media presence.

The team won the inaugural season of the IPL in 2008 but has struggled to maintain a steady performance ever since. However, the team management is working hard to improve their social media presence and fan engagement to increase their popularity and following.

  • Instagram: 3.3 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 5.1 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 2.7 Million Followers.

9. Gujarat Titans (Total Followers – 4.7 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans, one of the new entrants to the Indian Premier League, made a stunning debut in their first season by winning the IPL title under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya. Despite playing only one IPL season, Gujarat Titans have garnered a significant fan following on social media platforms. This is mainly due to the presence of some of the most famous and popular players in their team, including Hardik Pandya, Rashid Khan, Subhaman Gill, Kane Williamson, and David Miller.

With such a star-studded lineup, it’s no wonder that the Gujarat Titans have created a buzz among cricket fans across the globe. Fans of these players have closely followed Gujarat Titans’ social media accounts, eagerly awaiting updates on their favorite players and the team’s performance. As the IPL seasons progress, the popularity of Gujarat Titans is only expected to grow further, and they could become one of the most followed teams in the league.

  • Instagram: 3.1 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 1.1 Million Followers
  • Twitter: 520K Followers.

10. Lucknow Super Giants (Total Followers – 4.2 M)

Most Fan Following IPL Team - Lucknow Super Giants

Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) are among the newer teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL). They have only played in one IPL season, where the talented KL Rahul led them. Despite being a relatively new team, they made a mark in their debut season by securing third in the league standings.

With famous players like KL Rahul, Quinton De Kock, and Nicholas Pooran in their ranks, LSG can attract a large fan base on social media. The team’s impressive performances and star-studded lineup have already won the hearts of many cricket fans. As LSG gears up for the upcoming IPL season, it will be interesting to see how they perform on the field and how their fan base grows on social media platforms.

  • Instagram: 2.8 Million Followers
  • Facebook: 711K Followers
  • Twitter: 761K Followers.

List Of Most Fan Following IPL Team:

Rank Team Name Instagram Facebook Twitter Total Followers
1 Chennai Super Kings 12.9 M 13 M 9.9 M 35.8 M
2 Mumbai Indians 12.5 M 14 M 8.2 M 34.7 M
3 Royal challengers Bangalore 10.8 M 10 M 6.8 M 27.6 M
4 Kolkata Knight Riders 3.8 M 17 M 5.2 M 26 M
5 Punjab Kings 2.9 M 8.7 M 2.9 M 14.5 M
6 Delhi Capitals 3.5 M 8.3 M 2.5 M 14.3 M
7 Sunrisers Hyderabad 3.1 M 6.2 M 3.2 M 12.5 M
8 Rajasthan Royals 3.3 M 5.1 M 2.7 M 11.1 M
9 Gujarat Titans 3.1 M 1.1 M 520 K 4.7 M
10 Lucknow Super Giants 2.8 M 711 K 761 K 4.2 M
** Data Updated on 14th July 2023
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