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AFC Announces Significant Changes To Men’s Club Competitions And Introduces Women’s Champions League

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is starting a transformation journey, introducing significant reforms and improvements to its men’smen’s club tournaments. This historic decision is expected to overhaul the landscape of Asian club football.

Alongside this revolutionary revamp, the AFC has also proudly announced the launch of the AFC Women’s Champions League, a significant leap forward for women’s football in the continent. The sweeping changes, set to be implemented from the 2024-25 season, have garnered attention and anticipation from football enthusiasts across Asia and beyond.

The renovation improves the financial prospects for both clubs and players by promising a revitalized club football environment and increased money for the 76 participating teams. At the pinnacle of Asian club football, the elite tier of the sport will now bear the name AFC Champions League Elite (ACLE), featuring the top 24 clubs. The second tier, embracing 32 competitive teams, is rebranded as the AFC Champions League 2 (ACL2). In contrast, the third and final tier, housing 20 determined clubs, is officially designated as the AFC Challenge League (ACGL).

AFC Announces Significant Changes To Men’s Club Competitions And Introduces Women’s Champions League

The AFC’s vision goes beyond structural changes. Significant financial rewards await the thriving clubs in the new format. The ACLE winners receive a staggering $12 million, a remarkable increase from the previous $4 million. The runners-up are not left behind, with a noteworthy prize of $6 million, a three-fold increment from the earlier $2 million.

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In a testament to the AFC’s unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality and fostering the growth of women’s football, the launch of the AFC Women’s Champions League marks a historic milestone. Building upon the foundation laid by the AFC Women’s Club Championship, this tournament will transform the format. Embracing an innovative invitation model, it aims to draw attention to the prowess of women footballers, offering a platform for them to showcase their talents at the highest level.

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